What Is The Best Piano For Beginners?

by Peter Winter

Keyboard for Beginners

Top tip – start learning on a keyboard!

A portable keyboard is your best-priced option for a beginner student of piano - image

A portable keyboard is your best-priced option for a beginner student of piano

Many years experience as a music teacher has led me advise most people that the best way to start learning the piano is to start off with a keyboard costing around $200. This is a far better proposition for parents of a young child, because until they actually start leaning, you have no idea of whether or not they will persevere and practise, or even if they will enjoy the challenge of music lessons.

Why start your piano lessons on a keyboard?

A keyboard is on some level a smaller version of the piano. After about one year of lessons most parents can assess if their child is ready and willing to commit to years of piano lessons and practice.  Only then is it a good time to think about buying a good quality piano, because by now you and your child have decided that learning piano is for you.

Another alternative to buying a piano

A step up from a keyboard could also be a better quality electric piano for around $800, which is a much smaller outlay that may be a better fit for your budget.

Thinking of learning the piano as a mature adult?

Many of my students are retirees who are keen to catch up on some of the things they didn’t have the opportunity to do as a child or didn’t have time for during their working lives. If you’re in that boat, then the same suggestions about starting off with a low-cost keyboard also apply to you.

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