The Secret To Improving Your Performance!

by Peter Winter

Music Lesson Tips

Do you listen to the music you are making?

Often when my music students are learning the piano or guitar they are not listening to the sound that they are making. Music students are usually so focused on getting the correct notes that they forget that the sound produced should be their focus.

Top tip – record yourself playing!

I often get my students to record themselves on their iPad or iPhone etc so that they can actually hear the music they are producing.

Many a time a student has said to me “Is that really me playing that” and after hearing themselves they start to make huge improvements as they tune in to the sound.

My advice is this; if you’re learning to play an instrument then you want to record yourself so your can hear what others are hearing.

Most important skill when leaning to play any instrument

Most important of all, enjoy yourself while playing, because at the end of the day, that is what learning music is all about!

Talk soon,
Peter Winter,
Music Teacher

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