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Music Lesson Tips

Do you listen to the music you are making? Often when my music students are learning the piano or guitar they are not listening to the sound that they are making. Music students are usually so focused on getting the correct notes that they forget that the sound produced should be their focus. Top tip Read More

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A 3/4 size guitar is best for children up to about the age of 9… The first three strings are kinder on the fingers for a beginner of guitar. These guitars start around $89 and are a good start for the first twelve months. When to graduate to a full size classical guitar After  about Read More

Practise Your Instrument 5 Days Per Week

Play most days! It is important when learning to play a music instrument to play most days. Use the 5 by 5 routine… This routine is very achievable for most students. Here’s how it works: Play 5 days a week Play each piece 5 times a day Regular practice is more beneficial and productive as Read More

Piano Lessons Traralgon Best Age

Parents concerned about starting piano lessons too young When parents call me to book a child in for piano lessons they often ask if their child is too young. Leaning music and your child’s brain A great age to start piano lessons is around the age of 5 years. At this age the brain is Read More