What Is The Best Guitar For A Beginner?

by Peter Winter

Peter Winter Music Teacher Llh Clasica 1C Delantera

A 3/4 size guitar is best for children up to about the age of 9…

The first three strings are kinder on the fingers for a beginner of guitar. These guitars start around $89 and are a good start for the first twelve months.

When to graduate to a full size classical guitar

After  about a year, a full size classical guitar will become more manageable and is needed to make progress musically. This next level of guitar is usually around $600. The guitar on the right is an ALH-CLASICA 1C DELANTERA by Alhambra.

The 1C comes in shorter scale lengths of ½ size (544mm) for very young beginners, ¾ (610) for growing players, 7/8 (636) for players requiring an almost full size guitar but not quite stretching enough in terms of hand span. The full size 650 scale length guitar offers the growing student a full size guitar sound in a more manageable playing sized instrument.

More expensive than your bargain basement guitar however the difference is, this instrument will train the musical ear as well as enabling the young player to enjoy the fruits of their musical efforts.

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